April 2023

What is a Mash Bill


What is a Mash Bill A mash bill is the combination of grains used in the production of whiskey or bourbon. It specifies the type and percentage

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Whiskey & Bourbon Pioneers


Jack Daniels & Uncle Nearest  Jack Daniel was a Tennessee whiskey distiller and the founder of the Jack Daniel's brand, as I explained in my previous answer.

Whiskey & Bourbon Pioneers2023-04-07T21:08:27-04:00

How to Speak Bourbon


How to Speak Bourbon Have you ever felt intimidated or lost when you listen to people talk about bourbon?  I’m always amazed at the new information I

How to Speak Bourbon2023-04-07T20:42:42-04:00

What is a Bourbon Craft Distillery


Craft bourbon distilleries are basically small distilleries that produce bourbon using different techniques and methods. They often place emphasis on the use of high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients and

What is a Bourbon Craft Distillery2023-04-07T20:25:17-04:00
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