The Bourobon Road

The Bourbon Road is two Veterans sharing pours and good stories with interesting guests. Each week we sip on bourbon while talking with celebrities, musicians, chefs, authors, industry experts and everyone in between. If bourbon makes it better… or even the other way around, then we want to talk about it.

So, kick back with a pour of your favorite bourbon, and join us on our journey down The Bourbon Road.

Meet Our Hosts



Jim Shannon

Jim is a Software Developer as well as Founder of a Louisville based biotech company which supplies research chemicals for pharmaceutical drug discovery. He is also a proud US Navy Veteran. He and his wife Melody live on a small horse farm in Simpsonville, not far off the Bourbon Trail. They enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Jim is an avid bourbon lover and according to his wife, has “way too many” open bottles.

Brian Hyatt Co-host of The Bourbon Road Podcast

Brian Hyatt

Brian is the COO of a Louisville based digital marketing agency which provides Facebook (Meta), TikTok, Instagram, and Google Ads along with creative and web development services. He is also a proud US Navy Veteran. Brian and his wife Lesley have 4 children and 4 dogs and enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Brian is a bourbon lover and has enjoyed many cool bottles over the years. Brian enjoys going to new restaurants and will try anything on the menu.