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March 2022

Blackland Rye Whiskey Review


How would you celebrate 3 years of podcasting and 250 podcast episodes ? Well, we talk about whiskey by doing a review on Blackland Distillery rye whiskey

Blackland Rye Whiskey Review2022-03-14T19:51:58-04:00

February 2022

Old Overholt 114 Proof Review


Do you enjoy high proof rye whiskey ? Last year Jim Beam released Old Overholt 114 proof.  While we have had several high proof rye whiskies

Old Overholt 114 Proof Review2022-02-22T18:33:04-05:00

Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey Review


What’s you favorite Irish whiskey Today we have a bottle of Fighting 69th, Irish whiskey. The Regiment has seen combat in five wars. Founded in 1849

Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey Review2022-02-14T21:52:16-05:00

January 2022

Duke Whiskey Review


Can you name a movie where John Wayne drinks whiskey ? There are several like The Quiet Manquit and True Grit. It's said that the legendary

Duke Whiskey Review2022-05-09T21:04:48-04:00

Blue Note Crossroads Review


Have you ever seen the classic #80's movie Crossroads staring Ralph Macchio ? Big Chief was passing through Memphis and came across a bottle of Blue

Blue Note Crossroads Review2022-01-18T21:10:55-05:00
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