Wow, 200 Episodes. How would you celebrate? You know us, we must get on the road and that’s what we did. Jim was away on business so I took my wife along with me to the 2021 Kentucky Bourbon Festival to see if I could find just a couple of prior guest and listeners. I was pleasantly rewarded with some so many fans of the show and prior guest.

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We can’t thank everyone enough who has made this journey possible for us. From Distilleries, fellow podcasters, social media and our fans, you have all made it worth the late hours. We have built a community around our podcast that grows every day and opens its arms to the new bourbon drinker and the old. Jim’s idea of creating a podcast to tell the story of the bourbon culture has opened so many new doors for both of us.

It has enriched both our lives with new friends, family and adventures. It has reinforced our belief that rising tides raise all ships and that we can truly keep politics and religion out of the conversation about whiskey. Yes we are always searching for the good and do not like to shine light on the negative. There is too much of that in the world. If our episodes can brighten someone’s day and educate them on the culture around America’s Native Spirit then I say why not.

Once again thank you for always supporting our podcast, conversation and passion for Bourbon. With that grab a glass, a bottle of fine aged bourbon and listen as Big Chief takes you down The Bourbon Road to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival to chat with some of our close friends in the Bourbon Culture. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)


Start Planning your trip now to the 2022 Kentucky Bourbon Festival. It can only get better.