August 2021

A Salute to Horse Soldier Bourbon


This week Jim and I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the founder and COO of Horse Solider Bourbon, retired Army Master Sergeant and Green

A Salute to Horse Soldier Bourbon2021-08-31T21:47:56-04:00

Basil Hayden Toast Review


Do you love toasted bourbon? If you do then Basil Hayden has a new expression that you’re going to love! Freddie Noe is building his own

Basil Hayden Toast Review2021-08-30T09:39:22-04:00

Brindle Bourbon Review


Do you ever find a bourbon or whiskey in the liqour store that you know nothing about? Some brands have little to no social media or

Brindle Bourbon Review2021-08-23T14:21:58-04:00

Broken Barrel Whiskey Company


Over the past two weeks of the podcast we have had guest that are reusing bourbon barrels. using the barrels for smoking chips and our new

Broken Barrel Whiskey Company2021-08-17T22:33:24-04:00

Bourbon On The Banks 2021


Bourbon Festivals have started and they are great, but with the heat and humidity in Kentucky this time of year are its almost unbearable to attend an

Bourbon On The Banks 20212021-08-11T08:15:50-04:00

Blue Note Bourbon 9 year Review


What’s a bourbon you have picked up while traveling down The Bourbon Road? Our friends Jason Waller and Jen Waller were able to grab this B.R.

Blue Note Bourbon 9 year Review2021-08-09T18:56:21-04:00

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review


What’s your house bourbon? When the American buffalo blazed a trail across the Kentucky landscape before European colonization, they would leave huge tracts of land barren

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Review2021-08-09T18:24:44-04:00
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