July 2021

Billy Wheat Whiskey Review


What’s you favorite wheat whiskey? Everyone knows One Big Chief is the Wheated King of Kentucky and is always looking for a bottle of whiskey with

Billy Wheat Whiskey Review2021-07-26T21:14:37-04:00

Big Chief Goes West


"Go West, young man, and grow up with the country"  the newspaper editor Horace Greeley said in the mid-1800s. How far west was he talking? Manifest

Big Chief Goes West2021-07-20T21:59:52-04:00

Reminiscing with Weller and Wild Turkey


This week we wanted to introduce ourselves to our new listeners while also introducing our two favorite bourbons. It's sort of a look back reminiscing with Weller

Reminiscing with Weller and Wild Turkey2021-07-14T06:43:58-04:00

David Nicholson 1843 Review


What's the most unique wheated bourbon you have tasted? Lux Row Distillers lead ambassador, Vincent Clark, was nice enough to gift us a bottle of their

David Nicholson 1843 Review2021-07-12T12:55:19-04:00

Old Forester Rye Review


What's your go to rye whiskey for under $25? If Old Forester Rye isn't on your list, then it should be. Jim left a bottle at

Old Forester Rye Review2021-07-12T12:43:19-04:00

Bourbon Blending Challenge 2021


We The Bourbon Road Challenge you to the 1st Annual The Bourbon Roadies Blending Challenge. Have you wanted to create your own brand and blend of whiskey?

Bourbon Blending Challenge 20212021-07-06T22:13:44-04:00
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