February 2021

Old Soul 15 Year and Some Good Times Honey


This week Jim and I drank two extremely unique bourbons. The first one from https://catheaddistillery.com/ which is a 15 year old Straight Kentucky Bourbon with a very mysterious

Old Soul 15 Year and Some Good Times Honey2021-02-23T23:32:40-05:00

Knob Creek 12 Cask Strength Review


What's your favorite  Knob Creek Expression? We loved the Knob Creek 12year, so when we caught sight of a bottle of the recently released Knob Creek1

Knob Creek 12 Cask Strength Review2021-02-23T10:45:22-05:00

Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 Review


Have you tried any high malt bourbon? Jim had bought a bottle of Chattanooga Whiskey Chattanooga Whiskey 111 to compete in a cask strength blind bottle challenge

Chattanooga Whiskey Cask 111 Review2021-02-08T22:09:41-05:00

Inside the Nashville Barrel Company


Last week I wrote about Whiskey songs and no other town has produced more of those songs than Nashville. Now Nashville is known for its Honkey Tonks,

Inside the Nashville Barrel Company2021-02-02T20:30:44-05:00
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