What’s your budget bourbon?

Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery have teamed up to bring you a 1 liter bottle of bourbon for $19. Yes I said a liter of bourbon. Now that’s a win for everyone.

Kirkland Signature Small Batch by Barton Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is non age stated and has an undisclosed mashbill.

We hope you enjoy Jim and Mike’s review.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Kirkland Signature Small Batch

Vital Stats: It is 92 proof and is at least 4 years old. If it follows the Barton 1792 mashbill then it is 74% corn 18% rye and 8 % malted barely.

Appearance: Wine bottle style bottle with light amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Cinnamon, corn, peanut brittle, oak and rye spice. A hint of salted butter.

Palate: Thin but with some cinnamon spicy. Salt water vanilla taffy. A little peanut brittle sweetness. A little bitter on the back end with hints of oak.

Finish: Medium with a light Kentucky hug.

Overall:  At this price how can you go wrong. It would be great for a large party. It would be great as a mixer so it’s a buy for both of us. Bringing bourbon to everyone at an affordable price.

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