We The Bourbon Road Challenge you to the 1st Annual The Bourbon Roadies Blending Challenge. Have you wanted to create your own brand and blend of whiskey? Then is your chance to see how well you stack up against other whiskey enthusiast across the country. It’s not as hard as you think. You could easily take three 100 proof bourbons off your shelf, add equal parts of each and send it in. We suggest you let it set for a day or two and then taste it before sending it to us.

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As we stated on this week’s podcast episode, the art of blending is not really all that old. A blended whiskey is the product of blending different types of whiskeys and sometimes also neutral grain spirits, colorings, and flavorings. No you won’t be able to add anything but bourbons and water to your blend! It is generally the product of mixing one or more higher-quality straight or single malt whiskey with less expensive spirits and other ingredients. The art of blending permits for a lower priced finished product, although expensive “premium” expressions do exist.

William Sanderson and Andrew Usher are credited with making one of the first whisky blends in the 1860s. While the practice was likely used way before them in some form for centuries, today it has caught on with almost everyone that drinks whiskey. From creating  a blend like Jim or an infinity bottle like Big Chief there are several ways to go about it. So are you up to the challenge. We will have some guest judges that truly know their whiskey so step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

Blending Challenge Rules (Very Important)

  1. Must be a member of our private Facebook Group (The Bourbon Roadies)
  2. Must be between 95-105 proof.
  3. Bourbons only in the blend.
  4. At least two 2oz sample bottles
  5. 3 different bourbons must be in the blend.
  6. You must name your blend (place on the outside of envelope).
  7. You name and address(place inside the envelope)
  8. Must tell us the recipe (place inside the envelope).
  9. Must place the name of the blend on the bottles

Send all entries by UPS or FedEx to arrive before August 1, 2021:

The Bourbon Road (Mike Hiatt)
3088 Rockbridge Rd.
Shelbyville Kentucky 40065

The winner of the challenge will receive a custom The Bourbon Road engraved barrel head. A Bourbon Bullshitter T-shirt, a The Bourbon Road T-shirt, a The Bourbon Road glen cairn, a The Bourbon Road hat along with samples of from both Jims blend (Old Hoot) and Big Chief’s Infinity bottle.

The Best Name will receive a The Bourbon Road glen cairn and a The Bourbon Road hat along with samples of from both Jims blend (Old Hoot) and Big Chief’s Infinity bottle.

So grab those bottles and start blending. Until then grab a glass and taste your own blend while you listen as Jim and I have an old friend on The Bourbon Road this week. The Fan Favorite Rob Carter. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)