What’s the most unique wheated bourbon you have tasted?

Lux Row Distillers lead ambassador, Vincent Clark, was nice enough to gift us a bottle of their David Nicholson Bourbon, David Nicholson 1843.

Nearly two centuries ago, David Nicholson created the famed “43” bourbon recipe in the backroom of his St. Louis grocery store. But little did he know, the recipe would be passed down for generations, enjoyed by father and son alike.

Just take a sip of the wheated 1843 and you’ll understand why David Nicholson is called “a bourbon for the ages.”

Tasting Notes: David Nicholson 1843

Vital Stats: #1843 has an undisclosed mashbill and is reported to be 4-6 year’s old. It has an MSRP of $25. .

Appearance: Nice decanter style bottle with golden amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Almonds and peanut brittle with some floral. Hints of dark fruit vanilla and oak.

Palate: Thin but spicy. The peanut brittle shins through. Dry and bold with lots of oak. Very little sweetness. The barrel spice coats your tongue with pop rock’s

Finish: A long with an enormous Kentucky hug.

Overall: This would be a great introduction for #ryebourbon drinkers to the wheat world. Very unique. This is a great fall sipper or mixer to share with friends. With a great price this is a buy all day long for both of us.

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