What’s you favorite wheat whiskey?

Everyone knows One Big Chief is the Wheated King of Kentucky and is always looking for a bottle of whiskey with some wheat in it. This time he found one from Oregon.

Let’s see what the Jim and the Wheated Kind have to say about Billy Wheat Whiskey.  We hope you enjoy their review.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Billy Wheat Whiskey

Vital Stats: McMenamins Pubs & Hotels] distilled this Billy Wheat Whiskey in an ancient cognac still. It’s 87 proof, aged a minimum of 4 years in new oak barrels and was $35 in their gift shop.

Appearance: Looks like a Henry Mckenna 10yr bottle with dark amber whiskey in it.

Nose: Bananas Foster, mint with some sweet spice. Slight hints of oak and vanilla.

Palate: Very sweet with almost a hefeweizen beer taste. Cloves, mint and horehound candy that is light wash over your mouth.

Finish: Medium to long with little to no hug.

Overall: A great craft distillery pickup for the price. We were rewarded with something unique for taking a chance so for us it’s a buy. Make sure to checkout one of McMenamins Pubs & Hotels 58 locations if you travel through Oregon

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