Your journey … your way!

So, there I was with some Jim Beam on an old red dirt road in South Georgia. I don’t really remember drinking much of it that night actually. You see the full moons in Georgia can get really big at times… much like they do here in Kentucky. When this phenom happens, one can’t help but stop and savor the moment whether they savor the flavor or not.

I jokingly say, “I only drink on two occasions… when I’m by myself – or with somebody”.  This may make me sound like some kind of sot, drunk or jingled person. However, the truth is, I really want very little and don’t need it often. For me bourbon is more about the moment. This stop on my journey can come in moments of solitude or hanging out with friends. Whether watching full moons, animals doing what they do, fires in fireplaces or in a fire pits, water, Mother Nature at work or ball games and everything in between these times are about enjoying the moment.

I have worked hard my entire life, as have many of those I choose to hang out with, to be able to sit back and reflect enjoying these moments. In a sense you might say it is like a ‘spirit’ual stop on the journey. Although a flavorful spirit may be involved… enjoying these times is the most important part.

When we at The Bourbon Road say, “Your bourbon – Your way”, perhaps an underlying meaning can also be understood as “Your journey – Your way”.  Perhaps… maybe… a spiritual journey and a spirt’ual journey can intersect as we travel? Just as people stop along The Bourbon Trail to enjoy different spirt’ual takes on an old favorite, The Bourbon Road has some spiritual stops as well. “Special Moments Never Last”…  let’s enjoy them while we can my friends.  How does the moon look tonight where you are?

Cheers! Randy