This week, Bruce Russel from visited us at Jeptha Bend Farm. As Jim and I chatted with him, I wondered if he felt the pressure of continuing the legacy that his grandfather and father have built. He isn’t the first to be put in this position as, Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Heaven Hill and Angel’s Envy have all had family members take over operations or as a master distiller. Most of them with success of their own. We hope you will enjoy this week’s episode #277, All Things Wild Turkey with Bruce Russell.

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As the conversation carried on I could see that he has the passion it will take to create something all his own at the famous distillery high on the banks of the Kentucky River. If he feels like there is a monkey on his back he sure doesn’t show it. He was as cool as a cucumber. As with those from others distilleries he has been groomed for it and has the side by side distillery training with two of the best in the business. Add to that his time as a brand ambassador and he might even have something that Jimmy and Eddie didn’t have.

What you won’t hear on the podcast were the side conversations we had between the breaks. Bruce has that understanding of what the true consumers of bourbon really want. He has been on the road, sat at the bar with that blue collar worker, shared pours of his families whiskey with people from all walks of life and understands how to market it to the whiskey drinkers that truly appreciate it.

That’s why we love getting on The Bourbon Road or having guest visit us to do in person interviews. You can get a true sense of what a person is all about with these face to face conversations and this visit with Bruce was proof of that. You should be excited about the future of Wild Turkey and  hopefully Bruce’s future as a Master Distiller one day. He certainly has the talent, passion and vision to build his own legacy at Wild Turkey as I said before.

So grab that glass, a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 so you can listen as Bruce Russel gets on The Bourbon Road to pay us a visit while sipping on three of amazing Wild Turkey expressions of bourbon whiskey. We hope you enjoy this episode of All Things Wild Turkey with Bruce Russell. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)