Do you love toasted bourbon?

If you do then Basil Hayden has a new expression that you’re going to love! Freddie Noe is building his own legacy at Jim Beam by introducing a new mash bill in a newly designed bottle and label. We must say well done sir, well done!  Adding American grown brown rice and then finishing it in a toasted barrel has changed the character of this already loved whiskey.

We hope you enjoy Jim and Mike’s review and be sure to check out the podcast episode to hear them discuss this review.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Basil Hayden Toast

Vital Stats: It should have a mash bill of 63% corn, 27% brown rice and 10% malted barley if Freddie Noe just replaced the rye with rice. It is 80 proof with a $49.95 MSRP.

Appearance: New design, new label and honey bourbon inside.

Nose: Sweet and Sour Skittles with hints of fruit and light oak. Just a little bite on the nose.

Palate: Light and refreshing sweetness with a pinch of white pepper that add just a tad bit of spice. Sweet with a wash of softness. Hints of smoke that pair perfect with the sweetness.

Finish: Medium with no hug or burn.

Oeverall:  For us it’s a buy, a great summer sipper that won’t overwhelm you in the heat of the day. Yes it 80 proof but that might be what makes it great. This would also be a great introduction bourbon for anyone that is not use to the world of high proofed bourbon. Cheers

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