I’ve seen the brand “Bluegrass Distillers” on the shelves of many liquor stores in Kentucky and had always just passed it by. Well, about a week ago on a rainy night while driving to work, I stopped by Kroger to get something to snack on. While there, I said “what the heck” and walked into the liquor store since I had a few minutes to kill.

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I walked down the aisle not seeing anything special that might peak my interest, so I was ready to grab my snacks and head to work. Then, it was like the wheated bourbon gods had shined a light on this bottle of Bluegrass Distillers Bourbon. Sitting on a barrel was the Kroger Store Pick of this expression. I thought maybe no, but grabbed it anyways. This expression was two years old and it was all mine.

It’s funny how social media has connected so many people in today’s world. Even 20 years ago I don’t believe that I could have opened doors like I do today. I often post our photos on Facebook & Instagram to help build our podcast, sometimes the Bourbon Distilleries will comment on our photos, but usually that is the end of it.

When I got home, I took the bottle of Bluegrass Distillers Wheated Bourbon out to my deck that looks down onto Jeptha Creek and took a photo. I posted it and tagged it to the most out of the photo. Hoping for comments and likes, we got so much more than we expected.

The next morning I noticed a message in our inbox from the distillery. Just like that with a little more communication the doors opened and we were invited to visit the distillery to conduct an interview with one of the owners and founders Sam Rock. Would this door have opened so quickly 20 years ago? Would the distillery have been able to gauge the reach of The Bourbon Road Podcast? Probably not, but there also wasn’t this many artisan distillers using social media 20 years ago.

One thing is for sure, if you open the door for Jim and I, expect us walk right in and set up shop. We don’t want to waste any opportunities. We always want to sit down with anyone in the bourbon culture who will have us. The Bourbon Road is always ready to sample some of the finest bourbon whiskeys in the world and let our listeners know where and how to find them.

So grab yourself a pour of bourbon, sit back and listen as Jim and I take a trip over to Lexington on The Bourbon Road where horses run fast, the grass is truly blue and Bluegrass Distillers pours their hearts into every batch of their bourbon whiskey.

Mike (Big Chief)

Bluegrass Distillers