When I started with the podcast just over a year ago I would have never dreamed I would get to do the things I have. In back rooms of distilleries, people sending us whiskey from all over the world l, but the most rewarding thing has been the people I have had the privilege to meet.

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Now our facebook group is just a little different as most of you know and one of the reasons for that difference is people like our moderator Adam Boothby. From day one of being a Roadie he has been engaged in helping build our group or as I like to call the roadies, our family.

A couple weeks ago I invited Adam up to Kentucky. Without hesitation he accepted the offer to be on the team that would help hand select our first barrel pick. But I had so much more in store for him. I wanted him to experience the Bourbon Culture as I see it.

Adam drove the 5 hours to Kentucky and as I frantically set up our recording equipment for last weeks episode I heard Woodrow announce his arrival with a giant bark. Yes buddy I said, we have a guest here don’t we.

Before I could get the door completely open,Woodrow bolted out to greet Adam and just like that I could tell Adam was a great guy. You see if Woodrow likes you, that means your alright in my book. Now I really don’t know if there is really anyone that Woodrow doesn’t like except a pesky chipmunk ?️, but I guess it could happen.

Meeting Adam was like meeting an old friend that you haven’t seen in years. As a veteran I have several friends like that, we can pick up right where we left off 20 years ago. I had chatted with Adam several times over the past year. Back and forth, bringing him on as a moderator for the group.

I had followed his and Sarahs engagement at Wilderness Trail Distillery,  watched him post photos of great bottles and chatted up everyone on our episodes.

So how did he see the bourbon culture as Big Chief does? That’s something you will have to ask him, but I will tell you that I tried my hardest to let him experience what Jim and I get to experience. First he watched me set up for an episode with my great friends from Leiper’s Fork, along with Master Blender Ashley Barnes.

Then he sat down with Jim and I for his own episode. Wow, Adam didn’t disappoint and brought a bottle of Weller CYPB for us to sip on. We shared a bottle of Stagg Jr. The next day I took him to a couple or my stores in Shelbyville and then to a new store with Jim. At Wilderness Trail I hope he got to see how we build relationships with anyone who will talk with us.

Jim and I hope that Adam got to experience the best of The Bourbon Road just as we hope all of you do. Without our listeners we would be just two guys talking to the air and for that we say thanks.

So grab a glass, a bottle of bourbon and listen as Jim and Big Chief take a Bourbon Roadie down The Bourbon Road. Cheers