Do you bourbon hunt? This week Jim and I took the time to chat with three bourbon friends and the three moderators of our facebook, Adam, Jason and Drew about how they hunt. We all shared what kind of hunters we are and what we have landed this year.

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Maybe you don’t know what bourbon hunting is so let’s go over it. Bourbon hunting is trying to acquire those rare, dusty and allocated bottles of bourbon that everyone desires to have on their shelves.
There are of course several different ways to go about it. The first thing you need to do is to find out when allocated bourbon will hit the market. A great site for that is  On this website you will find a list of releases throughout the year.
Next you want to find out when your store is releasing their allocated bottles and how they will do it. Some will hold lotteries and some will announce a release date
The lottery is pretty straight forward but the release date is where you will stand in line possibly over night to wait for your chance. The early you are the better your chances are.
Now distilleries also do their own releases and they all have their own way. Four Roses has moved to a lottery system, Old Forester does the first come first serve system and Makers Mark has an online signup.
Make sure you are keeping in contact with your store owners and managers. Also make sure you keep an eye on distillery websites. Staying informed is usually the only way to snag this sought after bottles.
Another way we always mention is building a relationship with the store. Being loyal to one store can pay big when allocations do happen. Being nice and not being upset when you don’t get that bottle you want can go a long way. A simple smile and thank you go a long way.
In the end, have fun with your hunt and as we like to say, open the damn bottle. It’s meant to be drank and shared with friends.
So grab a glass, an allocated bottle, relax as Jim and I take you down The Bourbon Road for Bourbon Hunting Season with three great friends of the podcast. Cheers
Mike (Big Chief)