What’s your favorite premixed cocktail mixer?

If your like us and always on the road then you understand that taking a full bar with you isn’t always possible. Thanks to our good friend Chris Thomas from MADE SOUTH we were introduced to Eli Mason old fashioned cocktail mixer.

The old fashioned is a true classic, inspiring countless odes and imitations over the last hundred years. Eli Mason Old Fashioned Mixer is handcrafted with real cane sugar and premium bitters for a refined taste and rich texture.

Tasting Notes: Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer

Vital Stats: You can pick it up in a 10oz bottle for $15 making 10 drinks or a 750 ML bottle for $30 making 50 drinks. The directions for mixing are on the bottle and recommend 2 oz. Bourbon or Whiskey with 1 oz. Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer. Combine ingredients and pour over ice. See, wasn’t that easy? Let’s give it a review.

The Review:   Jim mixed up two for us to try and followed the directions using Leiper’s Fork Distillery straight rye whiskey that we reviewed last week. It was perfect as we were in the stillhouse recording and temperatures were around 95 degrees with the big shinny still running. We must say that Eli Mason has hit a home run with this mixer and we will be sure to always have a bottle with us to pair with the amazing whiskey we find from across American. A deliciously rich, intense Old-Fashioned.

Make sure you visit https://elimason.com and buy some today. While there you can also see the many recipes, plus other mixers like mint julep and whiskey smash. They also have bar tools and bar sets available. Cheers

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