This has to be my favorite season. Football is on to watch and its hunting season. My on my, crisp cool mornings with the leaves changing, apple picking, apple cider, apple pie, need I say more? Why yes fall is finally upon us and it means that it is also bourbon hunting season. So many great releases for the perfect season. So what goes better with fall then some good old American Bourbon? Heck lets even through in a Rye or two.

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One of our listeners recently asked if we could do a show on fall bourbons. My first thought was, isn’t every bourbon for fall? All kidding aside, Chris Taylor from our Bourbon Group, The Bourbon Roadies had a good point as Jim and I are always pointing out what our bourbon for the seasons are. A fall bourbon should be a little higher proof, 100-120 range is what I always think. It has to have some complexity and spice to it. It has to be made for the camp fire with the oak and just a little sweetness.

Now Jim and I as you know have two totally different palates. While I tend to lean towards the sweet and savory bourbon, Jim goes for the spice almost every time. Sometimes that can be a challenge for the podcast, but that is what we believe sets up apart from the others. We both bring something different to the table. So here goes for our top 10 bourbons of fall, 5 for Jim and 5 for me.

Jim’s Fall Picks: 1. Henry McKenna 1oyr  2. Old Forester 1920  3.E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof 4. Peerless Bourbon 5. Frey Ranch Rye

Big Chief’s Fall Picks: 1. Weller 107, 2. Wilderness Trail Single Barrel 3. Markers Mark Cask Strength 4. Ironroot Harbinger 115 5. Rebel Yell 10yr

Did you really think that I wasn’t going to have a list of wheaters and that Jim would even list one. We are creatures of comfort after all and we like what we like. For this episode Jim and I rummaged through countless bottles to find two that we could agree on. We selected the Bulleit 10 year and a Whistle Pig 10 year store pick. Both are perfect for the fall season. We hope you enjoy this episode and we look forward to more ideas about future shows from our listeners and readers like yourself.

So its that time again to grab a bottle that you think is a fall sipper, a glass and sit by the bonfire and listen as Jim and I take you on another trip down The Bourbon Road discussing fall bourbons. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)