Who has heard of IJW Whiskey Company?

Maybe you’ve noticed a few rick houses off to the left of Wilderness Trail, in Danville, KY.?  The ones with “IJW” painted on them.  Or maybe their offices in downtown, Louisville?     They may have been the best kept secret in bourbon for the last several years.

Well, they’re not a secret any longer.   Using partner distilleries to produce their whiskey, they barrel and store it at 1 of 4,  24,674 barrel rick houses on their Danville property.  A friend took me for a drive through their Danville location this weekend.  He was also kind enough to gift me a GIANT 1.75L bottle of First Call Straight Kentucky Bourbon.    This is the first product coming out of IJW.

Tasting Notes: First Call Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats:  Age stated as a minimum of 3 years, but this is actually just a few months shy of 4 years.   90 proof.  Undisclosed corn, rye, barley mash Bill.  $23.99 for 750ml or $43.99 for the 1.75L

Nose: Rick house oak, sweet corn from the younger age, butter scotch chips.  All very light on the nose.

Palate: Butterscotch bomb with super light oak.

Finish: Light and sweet.

Overall: This sips super easy.   Nothing complex to hunt down in the palette.   I’d pour this neat, with an ice cube in the summer,  and would definitely make an old fashioned out of it.   At $24, grab one and enjoy if you like a light and sweet bourbon.

– AdamB

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