Have you had a Tennessee bourbon ?

George Dickel Tennessee Whisky released their 8 year old bourbon whiskey last year and Big Chief as curious and grabbed a bottle.

Some fun facts about George Dickel or Cascade Distillery Whiskey is that it was produced at the famous Stize Weller Distillery in Shivley Kentucky from 1910 to 1917 due to Tennessee’s enactment of prohibition.

In the 1940’s and 50’s it was made at the OFC Distillery, yes the modern day Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, Kentucky.

By 1958 after the owners of Jack Daniel’s refused to sell to the owners of Dickel they reconstructed the Cascade Hollow Distillery to compete directly with Old #7.

We hope you enjoy Jim and Mikes review.   Be sure to check out the podcast episode on your favorite platform.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: George Dickel 8 year bourbon whiskey

Vital Stats: This is a 8 year old bourbon whiskey . It has a mashbill is 84 % corn 8 % rye and 8 % malted barley, is 90 proof and has an MSRP of $30.

Appearance:  The standard George Dickel bottle with sun tea color Tennessee bourbon whiskey inside.

Nose: minerals with some fruity sweetness. Ripened banana with peaches.

Palate: New cut oak with peanut butter powder that drinks a little dry. It seems younger than 8 years. Not a lot of sweetness. Tobacco and carrot cake on the back end.

Finish: very short but with a nice Tennessee hug.

Overall: This was a little disappointing for both of us. For an 8 year old whiskey we wanted more complexity. This would still be a great mixer so there’s one positive. This is a pass for both of us. Cheers