As we headed down to Mexico for a 10 day vacation, Jim and I knew that bourbon would be scarce so we both packed a bottle for ourselves along with some mini bottles. Now you would have thought that those two bottles would have been empty by the third or fourth day right. 

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Nope, they didn’t get opened until a week into our trip where we recorded this episode. Somehow I had only had a mule with some Jim Beam on the first day and Jim hadn’t had any. It was almost like we were taking a vacation from bourbon. 

What was nice was when we did crack open the bottle of Eagle Rare and Weller 107 they seemed to taste better then ever before. Had the time away from bourbon made it that much more enjoyable?

Both seemed to be more complex and  we both finished the first pour in no time. It got me to thinking that the time away might have refreshed our palates just a bit. Always drinking cask strength bourbon can burn you out and your sense seem to become fatigued. 

So a break was a nice thing to refresh us and make us appreciate America’s native spirit even more that we already had. Cheers 

So grab that glass of ours, a bottle of bourbon and listen as Jim and I take a long trip down The Bourbon Road to Old Mexico. 

Mike (Big Chief)