Last week I wrote about Whiskey songs and no other town has produced more of those songs than Nashville. Now Nashville is known for its Honkey Tonks, Boot Stores and singer song writers atmosphere, but what it wasn’t until the last couple of years was a whiskey town. It was more of a beer drinking town where you’re more likely to see a cowboy holding a PBR in one hand and a fried bologna sandwich on the other.

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That is until recently, when the whiskey scene erupted with whiskey distilleries and companies popping up left and right. One of those is the Nashville Barrel Company that was founded by friends Michael, James and Casey who had a found love for the whiskey community and wanted see people drink what their palates loved. They invited Jim and I down to share their whiskey and some other spirits with us.

Now, they have recently purchased land to build their new home in the Rail Yard District of Nashville. Until then, we invaded the home of one of our fellow podcast, Dads Drinking Bourbon where we had one hell of an interview. I think Jim enjoyed himself the most as they let us sample lots of great spirits. Hey the best whiskey is free whiskey isn’t it? It didn’t hurt that it all tasted amazing as well. We tasted several of their single barrel Rye Whiskeys along with some amazing Rum and Gin.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Rum and Gin? Well, yes we are two sailors and if you get a chance to purchase one of Nashville Barrel Companies Rums, make sure you grab it. You will not be disappointed. The Gin, while not Nashville Barrel Companies and didn’t make an appearance on the show was something altogether new for both Jim and I as neither of us had tried a barrel aged Gin before. Jim after all, always call Gin his second spirit.

If you’re looking to make a barrel pick for your group or group then you want to get on their long waiting list. The spots go fast.

So with that grab a glass of single barrel cask strength rye or a bottle of Nashville Barrel Company’s small batch rye that is starting to hit the shelves and listen as Jim and I take The Bourbon Road to Nashville meeting with guys that have set the whiskey scene on fire with their amazing whiskies. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)