Today we are introducing Log Still Distillery. So, as Jim and I headed south down The Bourbon Road to Log Still Distilley in New Haven, Kentucky I started to think of all the grand distilleries that have been brought back to like. Buffalo Trace, Castle and Key and now Log Still all set on historical old sites. But there always seemed like something was missing.

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The Log Still sight will also bring something truely remarkable to a town that has nothing. A true destination where you can ride a train in on. Eat dinner at their restaurant and stay at one of their cottages. Live entertainment, a fire pit for people to gather around just like the old days.

Heck they will even serve beer for those non-whiskey drinkers. What else could they offer, oh yes they stocked a 12 acre lake with fish. I felt like this would be a place I could come and stay for a couple of days and take in the rolling country side.

Log Still Distillery has certainly set the bar high for others to reach. If you think the others aren’t paying attention they are and many of them have similar plans. Has the Dant Family showed us what to expect from a distillery in future years? I think so, yes you will still have your buses but you also have a place for couple retreats or for guy and gal trips. A place to stay.

Other options than Louisville, Bardstown and Lexington are rising from the ash and ruins of historical old distilleiers and I for one love it. Cheers

So grab that glass, a bottle of your favorite whiskey as Jim and I rumble down The Bourbon Road and see the Dant Family raise a world class destination from the ruins of their heritage.

Mike (Big Chief)

Log Still Distillery
Dant Crossing