Did you know that Peoria, IL was once the whiskey capital of the world with more than 70 distilleries and producing over 18 million gallons of alcohol in 1880?

Today J.K. Williams Distilling, the oldest continuously operating distillery in Peoria, Illinois is paying homage to those days of glory. J.K. Williams was a Peoria based bootlegger in the prohibition era and was run out of town by Al Capone. Today the distillery is producing two whiskies, one of those being Gold Zephyr Bourbon. The distillery sent us a bottle to try.

What did Jim and Mike think of Gold Zephyr?    Check out their review below.

Tasting Notes: J.K Williams Distilling, Gold Zephyr Bourbon

Vital Stats: While we don’t know the mash bill, we believe it to be a wheated bourbon that is four years old and 90 proof.   This craft whiskey has a $60 MSRP.

Color:  Medium to light amber and cloudy in color.

Nose: Light and young. Being a wheat it has some floral, almost a daisy, some fruits like fresh peaches and cherries. There is a hint of Bit-O-Honey candy.

Palate: Lagging behind with its youth, yet it also has some Bit O Honey candy and caramel notes . It is somewhat thin and with white pepper spice.

Finish: It has an exceptionally long finish that makes it a nice sipper and would be perfect for spring or summer. There is no Kentucky hug on this wheater.

Overall:  If you’re from the Peoria area, this would be a nice bourbon to have on the shelf. It would be a nice craft whiskey to share with friends to open them their eyes of what is out there.

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