When you have visited Florida have you found it to be a bourbon desert ?

Well that all has changed with Loggerhead Distillery in Sanford Florida . They were kind enough to let Jim leave with a bottle of their bourbon whiskey.

Loggerhead Distillery was founded on the belief that being raised Florida means something. To the founders it means a love for the ocean, a love of the outdoors and a love for community. They wanted to put the essence of Florida in their spirits.

Naming their distillery after the magnificent sea creature, the endangered loggerhead turtle that lives in the saltwater that surrounds the sunshine state and uses the beautiful sands of Florida beaches as nesting grounds, the founders are helping protect those turtles for others to admire by giving back portions of every bottle to protect them. Seems only fair since there name is on every bottle.

Tasting Notes: Loggerhead Distillery Bourbon

Vital Stats: Their blended bourbon is from South Carolina and Florida. Its an undisclosed mash bill but it does have Big Chief’s favorite grain which is wheat. Its 80 proof with $35 MSRP. Aged for at least one year.

Appearance: A tall slender bottle with dark amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Young oak with cream corn that’s sweet with just a little caramel

Palate: Cream corn, buttery with caramel. Hints of heath bar toffee and toasted marshmallow

Finish: Little to none with very little spice.

Overall: For us these young distilleries are a must to try and worth the price for us. We love seeing what these guys are trying. This bourbon has lots of promise in the future.

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