What’s your favorite Lux Row Distillers expression?

This bottle of Lux Row Distillers Limited Release is a blend of two barrels, both 12 yrs old and released to commemorate the open of the new distillery in April 2018. Notice that the proof is 118.4 to celebrate the date.   Upon completion the distillery was over 18,000 square feet, with 6 barrel warehouses and a 43 foot copper still.   

You have likely seen Lux Row brands on the shelf, such as Rebel, Ezra Brooks, Blood Oath, and several others under their belt.   Let’s see what Big Chief has to say about their Limited Edition 12yr Double Barrel Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Lux Row Distiller’s 12yr Double Barrel Bourbon

Vital Stats: 12 year age stated bourbon (blend of two 12 year barrels), from an unnamed source.   Mash bill %’s if corn, rye, malt remains undisclosed.   Bottled at 59.2% ABV, 118.4 proof.  Available at the distillery for $150.

Appearance: Copper, red copper

Nose: Rich worn leather, oak and pipe tobacco the age shows through

Palate: Warm caramel, vanilla and heavy cinnamon give you a great Kentucky hug

Finish: Long with clove and pepper. This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is definitely a slow sipper

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