What does basketball and bourbon have in common?

Well until lately not much, but Russ Smith, a former Louisville Cardinals basketball player from 2010 to 2014, has just launched his bourbon brand Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon Company that has changed everything.

Russ was a standout Louisville Basketball and helped win the 2013 National Championship. He went on to play for New Orleans Pelicans and the Memphis Grizzlies. Today he is still dropping dimes on the hardwood for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and he can still score big as he just scored 43 points in his game on Friday night. His Louisville Cardinals #2 will even be retired on January 22nd.

Mr. and Mrs. Bourbon Company is Russ’s way of paying homage to the town and culture that he grew to love and call his own. The “Louisville Legend” was developed in celebration of those who supported Russ on his journey to become the athlete, philanthropist and business owner he is today.

Big Chief was able to pick up a bottle of the “Louisville Legend” at Liqour Barn.  We hope you enjoy Jim and Mike’s review.   Be sure to check out the podcast episode on your favorite platform for more information.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Mr. and Mrs. Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Vital Stats: This is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon aged for more than 3 years that has a non-disclosed mash bill. It is 110 proof . It has a MSRP of $55. We took the guess that it was distilled at Wilderness Trail Distillery.

Appearance: Square, squatty with honey golden bourbon inside. We like the label. Elegant and classic that represents the brand well.

Nose: Jalapeno Honeysuckle with spice and vanilla. Root beer candy with hints of oak.

Palate: The pepper spice hits you right up front. Drying with oak and mint. Cinnamon toothpick with very little sweetness overall.

Finish: Short to medium with a mighty Kentucky Hug.

Overall: This bourbon is suited for a cocktail with its higher proof and spice. Glad that we took a chance on this bottle. You can also grab a bottle of their standard expression for $35 and the 12 year old bourbon for $199.

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