In this weeks episode I got to sit down with my baby brother Mitch and drink a little bourbon in Oklahoma. Traveling to Oklahoma City to visit him and be there for him as a big brother was well overdue. While there we laughed and reminisced over old adventures together. We probably drank way to much and we even ended our nights in the early hours of the next days at Waffle House. It seemed almost like our youth had returned.

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The thought of the bourbon hunt came to mind when writing this. Before the trip I had reached out to one of our Roadies that lives in the OKC area and asked for advice on good stores to visit like any good bourbon nut would. I hadn’t expected much but Spirits OK gave me a great list of stores to hit. Was I ever shocked to see some great bottles on the shelves and at MSRP. I found Weller Special Reserve, Weller 107 and Elijah Craig Barrel proof. Now I had to find a way to get it home.

I also found a young local bourbon from Hochatown Distilling Company and a Texas Bourbon to represent my brother and my home state in Tahwakaro four grain bourbon. Altogether I traveled back with 6 bottles and added some great memories with my little brother. To act like we weren’t to beat up old veterans was worth the lack of sleep and the aches and pains.

So the first moral of the story is don’t be quick to give up on stores outside the bourbon/whiskey belt of America. Sometimes these liquor stores don’t even know what they have on their shelves. Hidden gems that in Kentucky would be in a glass case, hidden behind the counter or reserved for regulars are ripe for the picking in the OKC area.

The second moral of the story is to make memories when you can and live life to the fullest. Cherish every minute you have with loved ones. It had been almost 4 years since I had seen Mitch and I regret that time we lost.

With that I hope you enjoy the episode. So grab that glass, a bottle of craft whiskey and listen as Big Chief travels down The Bourbon Road with his brother while sipping on Texas and Oklahoma bourbons. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)