Jim wasn’t able to take our second trip down The Bourbon Road to Peerless Distilling in Louisville, Kentucky with Corky Taylor and Cordell Lawerence. They sip on two great expressions from Peerless. They talk about history, life and good whiskey in the episode recorded near the riverfront in Louisville, Kentucky.. Wanting to share our experience I invited my good buddy and Bourbon Roadie Steve Johnson to tag along. I have known Steve for the last 10 years serving with him in the U.S. Coast Guard and we had shared a love for bourbon since those early days. Steve also is very fortunate to live directly across from the Jim Beam Distillery.

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His collection of one off Jim Beam bottles is quite impressive. Most of them carrying the autograph of one of the Noes. Having a neighbor that worked directly for Fred and Booker Noe didn’t hurt. Steve is also a lover of music and when he found out that Corky was once a roommate with the Allman Brothers his excitement went through the roof. Steve himself also can play the guitar and has quite the collection of those also, without the signatures though.

I couldn’t guarantee Steve he would hear talk about one of the greatest bands of all time and their humble beginnings, but what I did promise him was an inside look at the bourbon culture through my eyes. Corky and Cordell didn’t disappoint, they took Steve through the back of the distillery and Corky told a couple stories of Greg and Duane. He told of how he would listen to them pluck on an old guitar and work on their craft in prep school.

Wow what an episode this is. Corky and Cordell led us through their bourbon and rye whiskey. There is certainly something different about craft whiskey. The love and compassion that these folks put into their work. True small batch that the giants of the bourbon culture just can’t do. Something new and exciting is that you can now get these Louisville tasty whiskeys delivered straight to your doorstep. We hope you enjoy this episode was much as we did. Cheers

Now grab a bottle of rye whiskey or bourbon, a glass and pour yourself a dram. Listen as Big Chief takes another Trip down The Bourbon Road with a Roadie in tow as he visits with Peerless Distilling Company.

Mike (Big Chief)