What’s your favorite rye whiskey?

We know, it’s hard to choose with so many great ones out there but this one might be it!

Our friend Wilson from Union Horse Distilling Co. sent us a bottle of their Union Horse, Reunion Rye, Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel named the Chicago Sting.

Give Union Horse Distillery a follow and enjoy our review of this delicious rye.  We hope you enjoy Jim and Mike’s review.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Reunion Straight Rye Whiskey – Single Barrel

Vital Stats: It’s a 100% rye mashbill at 126.94 proof. It’s 5 years old and has an MSRP of $55. It was distilled, aged and bottled in Lenexa, KANSAS.

Appearance: Nice heavy bottle with dark amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Rich butterscotch, dark roses and bubble gum. A little oak on this robust whiskey.

Palate: POW, the first sip has mint and sweet rich spice. Buttery mouth coating feel. A tad bit of oak with a butterscotch and atomic fireball candies mixed. While the sting is spicy,it is still aromatic and beautiful.

Finish: Medium to Long with a nice deep hug.

Overall: Wow, what else can we say, it’s a buy for both of us. This is a fall or winter sipper that should be enjoyed slowly. Craft whiskey at its finest.

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