You would have thought that we would have wanted to be done with 2020 on New Year’s Eve right? Well we just couldn’t let the opportunity go by without looking back. What had started off as an amazing year was somewhat derailed for us in February by COVID. Like any good veteran we adapted and overcame the challenges that came with a world pandemic and social distancing. We recovered fast and learned the art of the video conference and by the end of the year were almost back to normal.

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The year had started strong with interviews with Bourbon Royalty such as Peggy Noe Stevens and Michael Veach. Master Distillers such as Wes Henderson from Angels Envy and Master Tasters such as Jackie Zykan from Old Forester had become the normal for us. We were even having Roadies on. That all ended when Kentucky and Tennessee all but shut down completely. Guest canceled overnight and we had to scramble to rebook and to learn our video conference application Streamyard.

Now believe it or not I hadn’t used a computer in our house for over 5 years and I am sure I was driving Jim crazy with trying to do all our episodes from my phone. Yes, most of those first episodes were all recorded straight from my phone. The problem was that my phones battery would only last about an hour. A episode recording can take almost two hours for a one hours show. See the problem with that? So with that I had to break out my old laptop and buy a new web cam. Heck I even splurged and bought a the microphone that Joe Rogan uses. Being in the country WIFI is always an issue for both Jim and I but we get by.

Even through all that we kept pumping out episodes. We even added our Craft Distillery Reviews and it has been a blast watching the FEDEX and UPS trucks arrive with our weekly sample bottles of bourbon from all over the U.S.  We turned that frown upside down and every time we could record on road or in person we jumped at the chance. I was able to do two episodes in my home state at Balcones and Ironroot that proved that we need to get more Texas Whiskies on the show.

By years end my great room had become a regular studio where we had, national brand ambassadors, distillery owners and a lot of Roadies record with us. So 2020 for us was a great year where we grew the podcast and our social media beyond our wildest dreams. We were even able to get our first barrel pick in that was a huge success. That is all thanks to our loyal listeners, readers and of course our over 1300 Bourbon Roadies. We are not sure why people want to listen to two old veterans talk about bourbon , but we love it and will continue to putting out great content in 2021.

So with that grab a glass and a bottle of great bourbon and listen as Jim and I travel down The Bourbon Road for 2020 while sipping on Angels Envy Cask Strength. Cheers!

Angel’s Envy