Have you tried any Texas whiskey?

Might we suggest a bottle of Tahwahkaro Distilling Co.  Big Chief was able to snag a bottle on a recent trip west, so we sat down to review it.

TahWahKaro comes from a Native American term meaning ‘bend in the river’ and the original name of the water source for settlers in Grapevine, TX.

They partner with local grain suppliers throughout Texas. Their corn comes from Valley View, their rye from Denton, our malts from Fort Worth and their water right from Grapevine.

They have recently moved from Grapevine Texas, east to Palestine Texas.

We hope you enjoy Jim and Big Chief’s review.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: TahWahKaro Cask Strength Bourbon

Vital Stats: This cask strength bourbon has a four grain mash bill that is 65% Corn, 11% wheat 11% Rye and 13% Malted Barley. It is 128.4 proof, with a MSRP of $60.

Nose: Dark Chocolates, heavy oak and a hint of licorice. A light methanol burn.

Palate: Soft up front and spicy on the back. Coco puffs cereal or chocolate latte. Hints of licorice with lingering pepper and roasted caramel. Kettle corn drizzled with chocolate.

Finish: Long, hot and bold. This is a very complex bourbon.

Overall: Wow, we both loved this craft whiskey and it was worth every dollar. It’s a buy, heck this is worthy as a nice gift.

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