The “Sweet Taste of Bourbon” can be found in Mert’s “inebriated” Cakes by Virginia Rankin

The Sweet Taste of Bourbon

Nestled back behind some shops under a beautiful arbor in Middletown Kentucky sits the “Sweet Taste of Bourbon… a place called Mert’s Cakes. How does a cake have anything to do with bourbon you might ask? Until you have tried food (or cakes) infused with bourbon you don’t know what you are missing! The caramels, vanillas, spices, etc. that one gets with the taste of bourbon go beautifully paired with the heavenly sweetness of cakes.

Virginia Rankin of Mert’s Cakes, named for her grandmother, has been “inebriating” her cakes with bourbon for 15 years and does such a delicious job that she was sought out by the Food Network:

Find out about Virginia, her fun “inebriated” cakes and some of her famous horse and bourbon clientele as the Bourbon Road makes a stop to taste the sweetness of bourbon.