In a recent interview with Noah Glanville, I had the opportunity to discover some amazing facts about the barbecue industry and just how hungry we are for those home cooked meats.

According to a recent Nielsen Report in Market Watch the people of the United States love to barbecue; especially during the summer! In the two weeks prior to July 4th , the U.S. buys $800 million worth of beef, $371 million worth of chicken, $218 million worth of pork, $85 million in shrimp and $48 million worth of salmon. We also spend 43.8 million dollars on just barbecue sauce to go on all these meats! I always knew that cooking on the grill was big business but had no idea… and this is just during the two weeks before the July 4th Holiday!

I really admire Noah Glanville and his wife Amber of Pit Barrel Cooker Company! They have worked hard and have found their niche’ with their version of the barbecue grill using the “Hook and Hang” method. While recording The Bourbon Road Episode 4, what hit me the most was standing in a warehouse and seeing the fulfillment of the American Dream. A Navy Vet and his wife had a vision; an idea in their heads… and 20 plus prototypes later they have created a company that sells internationally. Noah and Amber have taken the “trial and error” method and turned it into the “Hook and Hang” method.

Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel Cooker

I really look forward to tasting some barbecue from the Pit Barrel Cooker! I am sure the bounty from the grill will turn out great! What is that special seasoning I will be tasting? Why the taste of success of course!  

Cheers! Randy.