It was time for another “3rd Pour Episode” and we were excited. This is what our listeners have asked for. Jim and I were invited by Paul and Troy to enjoy a night of bourbon in Paul’s basement. Paul lives in J-Town (Jeffersontown, KY), a beautiful town just a few miles south east of downtown Louisville. We set the rules for this challenge and each must bring a bourbon that had an MSRP from $45 to $55. So off we went.

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First, we would like to thank Julie at the Bourbon Cellar in Shelbyville Kentucky for donating a bottle of Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey. Trust me, we cracked this open at the end of the episode and drank it with some Pinot Noir. Peanut butter and Jelly all day long.

Now, to say that Paul’s basement is a thing from the past is an understatement. As you walk down the stairs you can see this man loves bourbon as you are greeted with the sight of a finished Buffalo Trace barrel. It is a throwback to a basement from the 70s.

Half painted in yellow and black, Paul is no doubt a Stealers fan and I think we can rest assured that he is the biggest fan in the Louisville area. The second half is painted in Cardinal red. There is an ugly Christmas tree covered in all kinds of ornaments, almost if a magical sports Christmas threw up on it. 

Sports memorabilia adorns the walls like a museum holding accomplishments of the past. Even if you’re not a Stealers or Cardinals fan, you must appreciate this man’s collection and his love for his beloved teams. Paul’s bar is one that that any man would envy. A built in fridge, ice machine, another fully stocked beer fridge and a plethora of every kind of bourbon you would ever want. It is also stocked with other spirits, but he has quite the collection, so Jim and I take a few seconds to admire some rare bottles that are no longer in production. We set up our gear and Paul has a spread of BBQ for us to munch on before we record one of the funniest episodes with two great guys.

The four wives have graciously grabbed all the bottles and have poured them as A, B, C, and D and bring them down into the basement. There is a twinkling glimmer in my eye because I can almost pick my bourbon out on sight. It is almost twice as dark as the rest. We taste all four bourbons and score them from 1 to 10 on nose, taste and finish.

As we are tasting we learn that Troy’s mother had worked at Buffalo Trace for over 40 years and he has quite the legendary collection himself. A bottle of 1984 Blanton’s, a 90th and 100th Birthday Tribute Elmer T. Lee and a 1st production Buffalo Trace just to name a few. Troy has had a bourbon education like no other. Can you guess what he likes to drink? Your right, anything from Buffalo Trace.

We talk about all the great places to eat in drink in Paul and Troy’s two neighborhoods, like Rec Bar, Feast BBQ with their bourbon slushes, Village Anchor (yes they show up again), the Blind Squirrel (the place we came up with this episode over lots and lots of drinks) and Stoney River Steakhouse. All of these places are great to stop along your trip down the bourbon trail.

The bourbon is flowing and the laughter is rolling. Who will win the night, who brought what? Who will get the Screwball? You will have to listen in to find out. I will however tell you what bourbons made it on the tasting tray.  A bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oak, Jefferson’s Reserve Select, Four Roses Small Batch Select and 1792 Single Barrel were all poured and enjoyed.

Grab some bourbon, pour a glass, sit down and listen as Troy and Paul join us for a $50 trip down The Bourbon Road. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)