What’s a historical bourbon brand that has been resurrected in the past several years that you are excited to see?

McBrayer Legacy Spirits is one of those brands for us. William Harrison McBrayer from Lawrenceburg, KY was a farmer, business owner, distiller, judge, senator, and philanthropist. This iconic figure also known as “The Judge,” created one of the most famous pre-prohibition whiskey brands, thus changing the reputation of Kentucky bourbon around the World. He was instrumental in the futures of TP Ripy, Charles M. Dedman, W.B. Saffell and even the famous EH Taylor. So when his descendants asked if we would like to sample, how could we pass?

Two of our private facebook group ,The Bourbon Roadies, members Todd Ritter and Jason Waller are also members of the McBrayer Legacy Club and have had nothing but great things to say about this new old school bourbon, so you might understand why we were so excited. The mashbill for this bourbon was found on the back of a letter that Judge McBrayer sent to EH Taylor.

Thanks to Todd for the photo. Please enjoy Big Chief’s review.  

Tasting Notes:   W.H. McBrayer Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats: The mashbill is 88.4% bloody butcher corn, 5.8% rye and 5.8% barley. It is contract distilled by at Wilderness Trail Distillery. It is 103.6 proof. This is a sweetmash bourbon. The MSRP is $100. Five barrels were aged for 4 years, 4.5 months.

Nose: Werthersoriginal candy with  Coco Puffs cereal and hints of dried light fruits.

Palate: The Werther’s candies makes another appearance with honeysuckle sweetness and just a hint of cooking spice.

Finish: Medium with little, to no, Kentucky Hug.

Overall: While the original bottles were sold out to the McBrayer Legacy Club, this is certainly an old brand to keep an eye on. You might want to join the club to ensure you get the next bottle. They have certainly put in the work to ensure that the Judge’s Legacy lives on. They have some very exciting barrels laid down and some interesting projects in the future.

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