What do Rock ‘n Roll and Science have in common with Bourbon?

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Well, Pat Heist and Shane Baker from Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville Kentucky have brought science and bourbon together to make some incredible juice. The Bourbon Road was given a tour of the distillery before we sat down with Pat and Shane.  Wow, are they ever transparent. With their science based company Ferm Solutions on site they focus on making Bourbon better as well as offering their consulting services to many distilleries across America.

An impressive operation with several stills on site you can rest assured that they produce all their own sweet mash products which include their three whiskies, a vodka and a sorghum rum. They are pumping out over 200 barrels a day and are busy building rick houses to store all of their fine products for proper aging.

Walking into the 1849 house that is home to the distillery offices, you can sense the history of Kentucky. It is rumored that the song “Happy Birthday” was written in this very house by Patty and Mildred Hill in the late 1800’s. We were led into the front room of the old house where the walls are covered in bourbon laden shelves. As Pat and Shane introduced themselves you can instantly tell that these two guys are salt of the earth.

While we conducted the podcast, we could feel the passion of these two and the commitment they have to their companies and their bourbon. They ensure that all the grains for their products come from the Commonwealth of Kentucky except the barley which is shipped into Louisville Grain Elevators making their products Kentucky Proud. Going even a step further they continue to support Danville, the state of Kentucky and the nation by giving that same passion back in the form of community support. Ever generous to Veterans and first responders, they have ensured that tours and tastings are free for them.  Just a couple more reasons to love Wilderness Trail Distillery.

So this is your chance to sit back and get a science class and a little Rock ‘n Roll while sipping on your favorite bourbon. Heck why not run out and grab one of their bourbons to enjoy while you listen.

— Mike