Woodford Reserve is known for their 90.4 proof, they even use it in their higher end Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection. I personally have 5 bottles of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection with the latest bottle being the Very Fine Rare Bourbon that is supposedly 17 years old. Jim and I decided to sit down and sip through my collection, I know tough job right. I almost started to cry as I looked up some of the bottle prices on secondary and online stores. One of the bottles was fetching $699. Am I glad I have opened every bottle? Why yes I am because that’s what they are for, but I did cringe a bit. Either way we had a blast tasting through these five bottles.

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Now Woodford Reserve is located in what I would consider the Lexington/Frankford Bourbon area. This will be my third article on my top three of a Bourbon Area and where to stay, eat, drink, shop and visit in the area. We covered Louisville and Bardstown in our last two, so let’s dive into Lexington/Frankfort so you can plan out your bourbon pilgrim to the bluegrass state. Now these are of my personal experience and suggestions from great friends who I trust. Please enjoy.

https://www.thestavekentucky.com Situated perfectly between https://www.woodfordreserve.com/ and Castle in Key, this small place reminds me of a small southern juke joint with amazing southern cuisine.
https://obckitchen.com Brunch that is out of this world, a bourbon list that is amazing and then steaks that look they came straight of the ranch, what else can you ask for? Oh yeah, barrel aged cocktails.
http://www.bourbononmain.com Set in the heart of downtown Frankfort and just a short drive from Buffalo Trace. It’s a must on the Bourbon Trail.

http://go-big-blue-liquor.hub.biz/ Located in Lawrenceburg, this place has so many store picks it will make your head spine. There bourbon selection can hang with the big box stores.
http://capitalcellars.com/ This little hidden gem is right across the street from the Kentucky State Capital. Pay them a visit and you will be rewarded for your travels.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unlimited-Spirit/264093556940540  Honest little store in Lexington. Sometimes a surprise will await you if you shop local.

https://www.thekentuckycastle.com/ You won’t go wrong with the spouse if you’re looking to impress with this place. Just down the road from the famous Keeneland Racetrack. Worth the extra money.
https://www.theruinbnb.com/gallery/images-from-the-ruin/ If your reading this, you love distilleries so why not stay in the ruins of a distillery from Kentucky’s past.
https://www.historichotels.org/us/hotels-resorts/21c-museum-hotel-lexington-by-mgallery/?from=experiences You won’t go wrong at staying at this impressive hotel. It’s like staying in a Museum, oh wait it is.

https://www.whiskeybearbar.com/ Voted one of the best bourbon bars not once but twice. Enough said.
https://www.barrelhousedistillery.com/elkhorn-tavern/ It’s not just the bar itself, the distillery district is simply amazing. I would suggest the Axe throwing before you hit the bar.
https://www.thebluegrasstavern.com/ With over 450 bourbons on the bar. It almost overwhelming, but those nerves will be eased with a neat pour of a rare bourbon.

https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/ Buffalo Trace is a must. Several different tours with some of the best tour guides in the business.
https://castleandkey.com/ Tour the sunken gardens, sip cocktails by the creek and see this grand old distillery and see what the past truly looked like, while seeing what the present taste like.
https://wildturkeybourbon.com/ An absolutely stunning view that overlooks the Kentucky River with a chance to meet a living legend. Don’t skip out on this beautiful distillery.

Hopefully this list will be useful for planning your travels to our beautiful state and you will see the Bourbon Trail through Big Chief’s eyes. Take every chance you have to shop local and seek out those hidden treasures that we all like to find. As always there are more distilleries then listed. One craft distillery that I was not able to list is https://www.bluegrassdistillers.com/. If you have time, stop by and tell them Jim and I sent you and pick up a bottle. They let you fill and label your own bottle. This bottle will be something to sip on while you catch up on the podcast.

So with that grab a glass, a bottle of Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection, you know you have it, sit back and listen. This time Jim and I will take you on another trip down The Bourbon Road sipping on a Very Fine Rare Bourbon and four other bottles from the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)