What a year it has been for The Bourbon Road podcast. We have recorded 104 episodes this year while traveling from the East Coast to the West. Of all the episodes there was one distillery and one bourbon that earned our awards for “2021 Craft Distillery of the Year” and “2021 Bourbon of the Year”.

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While we went to several amazing distilleries in 2021, one went above and beyond with hospitality. Leiper’s Fork Distillery is our 2021 Craft Distillery. The Leiper’s Fork team will ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime when visiting. That plus their whiskey is why they were chosen. Their love for whiskey and those who enjoy to drink it is intoxicating.

The bourbons that we got to experience this year had us burning up the roads to find that one bottle that stood alone. The Bourbon Road that leads to Maker’s Mark is one we know oh so well. Our great friend Drew Allan knows that road as well and in the middle of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival Drew went down it to grab a special release.

Drew grabbed a bottle for us and after we reviewed Maker’s Mark FAE-02 we knew it was something special and so with that we picked it as our 2021 Bourbon of the year. Why you ask? Well Jim and I both loved it with its long finish and amazing tasting notes. It was available across American and you can find bottles at great prices.

So with that we thank you the listener for an amazing year. We appreciate your continued support and we hope that we provided you with an escape from everyday life into the our journey down The Bourbon Road. We guarantee that 2022 will be some special your not going to want to miss. Cheers

Grab that glass, maybe a bottle from your favorite craft distilley or maybe your bourbon of the year. Listen as Jim and I travel down The Bourbon Road for the last time this year to handout our yearly awards.

Mike (Big Chief)