This week Jim and I drank two extremely unique bourbons. The first one from which is a 15 year old Straight Kentucky Bourbon with a very mysterious mashbill.  This expression of Old Soul has a mashbill is 78.5% corn, 13% Rye and 8.5% malted barley. We dive in deep on this rare mashbill, trying to guess the distillery that produced it. On the second half of the show we open a bottle of Good Times Honey Barrel bourbon proofed at 120 proof. It was more than we expected. This was a complex and delicious for the bourbon drinker with the sweet tooth.

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Now what I really want to talk about is part two of my series on Big Chief’s recommendations for your visit to the bourbon trail. This week I will focus solely on the Bardstown, Kentucky area. What you’re not going to find on the list is high end hotels with high end bourbon bars. What you will find is good down to earth people who truly care about the bourbon culture.  Bardstown is however moving into the modern age, let’s just hope they don’t lose that small town feel and charm.  The Old Nelson County Jail housed prisoners from 1797 till 1987. The front building, sometimes referred to as the “Old Jail” was constructed in 1819. I just think this is a neat place to stay in the heart of downtown Bardstown. They only have 9 rooms so book your rooms well in advance. The newest hotel in Bardstown. If you’re not looking for a B&B then this is your place. Now if the jail and new hotel just isn’t your thing then this Bed and Breakfast is for those who enjoy the finer things in life. It even has a spa if your wife wants to skip the distillers for the day. Operating since 1937 this place is a through back. The wife and I loved the charm of this old restaurant. Their menu has something for everyone and the bar menu is spot on. To add their desserts are to die for. Located at Bardstown Bourbon Company, we suggest you make reservations as this has become the new hot spot in Bardstown. Have a pour out of their dusty bourbon menu before your meal. Now before you eat here, go upstairs and checkout The museum is remarkable to learn your bourbon history and see some priceless bottles. After your done go down stairs and get a good steak and a flight of bourbon. Now while I don’t suggest eating here, trust me I have twice, I do suggest you go and have a drink at this historic tavern. It was built in 1779 and they have over 200 bourbons. New and refreshing cocktails at a craft distillery. Sign me up, this place is a refreshing stop on a hot summer day. While you’re here you should just go ahead and take the tour and buy some bourbon. A speakeasy that makes you really research to get in the door, I’m game. This tiny bar is worth the effort. This small bourbon market downtown is worth walking into. Make sure you support small business while you’re on the bourbon trail. Toddy’s Liquors has been called the Best Bourbon Store on Earth by in this article This place has a large selection at fair prices. There allocated bourbon is high but if you really want something they have it. One of the new kids on the block and joining the big boys with a merger with MGP. This place is pretty cool and its free for Military. One of my favorite distilleries to visit. If you’re going to one distillery in Bardstown let this be it. The third distillery I chose because of its story. The bourbon isn’t half bad either. This is the distillery that makes downtown Bardstown so delicious.

So I will leave you too it, I truly hope my recommendations help you with your pilgrimage. If you look closely I added 5 total distilleries in my list and several restaurants if you look at each link closely. Bardstown has a sort of magical appeal that if you open your eyes you will see America at its best. With that Jim and I hope you enjoy this episode of us just sitting down by a fire in the middle of winter and enjoying to special bourbons while chatting with each other. That’s what life is about after all, to be able to sit down with a friend and enjoy what you have made of it all.

So grab that glass, a bottle of strange or intriguing bourbon and listen as Jim and I take another trip down The Bourbon Road on while sipping on Old Soul and Good Times. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)