Do you like a dry spicy rye whiskey for your whiskey cocktails ?

In 2015 Jim Beam refreshed their rye whiskey taking it from 80 to 90 proof. Founded in 1795, Jim Beam Rye is a pre-prohibition style rye whiskey made from one of the Beam family’s oldest recipes, and is distilled with the same exacting standards that have governed Jim Beam for more than 200 years.

Let’s jump into Jim and Mike’s review.   Catch the latest podcast episode on your favorite platform to hear more.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes:  Jim Beam Rye

Vital Stats: This rye whiskey is non age stated but we believe it to be under 4 years old. It also has an undisclosed mash bill but Jim Beam has stated that it is a Kentucky style rye meaning the rye content is between 51% and 60% with lots of corn and a small amount of malted barley. Its 90 proof with a MSRP of $22.

Appearance:  Standard Beam bottle with honey colored whiskey inside.

Nose:  Bourbon like, deep oak, banana taffy, sweet corn and tea spice.

Palate:  The deep oak with lots of black pepper spice that attacks the front of the mouth. The smoke of the char with banana and a drying tobacco. Just a tab bit of pecan bitterness.

Finish: soft medium with a small Kentucky hug.

Overall: This is the perfect whiskey at $22 for a summer cocktail. It won’t break the bank and adds the right amount of spice that we like so it’s a buy for both of us.