As Jim and I pulled into the parking lot of Rabbit Hole Distillery it was hard not to admire the architecture of their facility.  That got me thinking about the other distilleries we have visited and their architecture.

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Each is different with their own beauty. Places like Wild Turkey look like a cathedral while Castle and Key still rock the days gone by of industrial revolution. Both are amazing places to visit.

Buffalo Trace is still digging up the past while expanding into the future. Distilleries like Michter’s look drab with a modern processing plant, no I’m not talking about Fort Nelson downtown which has keep the architecture of the old building they are in.

Then you have distilleries like Willett and Leiper’s Fork that reuse the past with an Old Plantation house, cabin and the post and beam construction. The cost of refurbishment can’t be cheap but they surely have honored the distillers that came before them.

With that Rabbit Hole is embracing the future and pushing for innovation in the bourbon culture. Pay them a visit and take in the amazing atmosphere they have created so that you may enjoy their whiskey in harmony with architecture. Cheers

So grab that glass, pour yourself a tall dram as Jim and I travel down The Bourbon Road and jump right into the Rabbit Hole.

Mike (Big Chief)