Can you name a Missouri whiskey?

If you can’t, Holladay Distillery wants to change that with the release of their newly released bourbon whiskey Ben Holladay Bourbon .

Ben Holladay was born in Kentucky and moved to Weston, Missouri as a teenager. There he built a transportation empire that included steamboats, streetcars, railroad, and a stagecoach line which he eventually sold to Wells Fargo. By the late 1800s, he was the largest individual employer in the U.S.

In 1856 he opened his distillery in Weston, Missouri. In the 1900s, ownership changed three times, before being acquired by the current owner, McCormick Distilling Company. In 2015, the distillery underwent a $10 million renovation and the company began distilling bourbon on-site for the first time in 30 years.

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Tasting Notes: Ben Holladay Bourbon

Vital Stats: This bottled in bond Missouri straight bourbon whiskey has been aged for 6 years. It has a undisclosed Mash-bill. It is 100 proof and an MSRP of $60

Appearance: Cool vintage label with a stage coach and with a metal twisted cap with copper penny whiskey inside.

Nose: A nice spice with caramel and cinnamon raisin toast. The oak is apartment with some sweetness.

Palate: A up front oak and spice with some dry sweetness. The cinnamon raisin toast matches the nose which is always nice. Some mineral and figs that gives it a nice mouth feel. Almost like a Dr Pepper spice.

Finish: medium with a nice Missouri hug.

Overall: such a nice representation of what Missouri whiskey can be. We have thoroughly enjoyed this one and its a buy for both of us. With a fair price for a