Have you tried any of the Blood Oath releases from Lux Row Distillers?

John Rempe and Lux Row have now released Blood Oath Pact 7. It is a blend of 14-year extra-aged rye bourbon, an 8-year rye bourbon, and another 8-year rye bourbon, finished in sauternes wine casks from the Bordeaux region of France.

Tasting Notes: Blood Oath Pact 7 Bourbon

Vital Stats: A limited edition, this is bottled at 98.6 proof/49.3% ABV and has a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Appearance: Copper

Nose: Beautiful old oak, molasses, caramel, hint of cocoa, almost an overall scent of cookie dough

Palate: Oak, sugar cookie, molasses, light pepper. This is a sweet bourbon. Two thirds through it makes a turn and adds apricot and a sweet grape juice, likely from the muscadelle grapes used to make Sauternes. It all blends together so well.

Finish:  Medium at most. The molasses, light cinnamon, cocoa, and apricot are most prevalent, but do leave you wanting to jump to the next sip fairly quickly.

Overall: After handing the glass to Sarah, with my usual “you need to try this”………. her sip simply ended with the words “oh my!” In our home, that means buy one more if you can. It’d make a great after dinner sip.


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