What’s a bourbon you have picked up while traveling down The Bourbon Road?

Our friends Jason Waller and Jen Waller were able to grab this B.R. Distilling Company, Blue Note Bourbon 9 year old, on their recent travels.

Jason was kind enough to give us a review.   Let’s see what you had to say!  Cheers!

Jen and I were fortunate enough to take a road trip to the great state of Georgia to see my son graduate from  Army basic training and cavalry scout school at Fort Benning, Georgia. During the trip down our bourbon road we were able to pick up this fantastic expression.

Tasting Notes: Blue Note Bourbon 9 year

Vital Stats: Premium Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Aged a minimum of 9 years. 93 proof and an MSRP of $49.99

Appearance: Caramel

Nose: Oak and vanilla are the most prominent

Palate: A buttery graham cracker flavor starts off on the front of the palate and finishes with a sweet viscous mouth feel.

Finish: Thick and long lasting.

Overall:  If you are able to pick up this expression, please do so; you will not be disappointed!!!!

Thanks for the review Jason and give your son a hardy handshake and congratulations from these two veterans that appreciate his sacrifice to ensure our freedom. This is surely one we will be looking for. Cheers.

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