Whiskey and the West just go together don’t they?

Visions of cowboys driving cattle across Wyoming and sipping on bourbon whiskey at sunset come to mind.

Brush Creek Distillery is bringing that vision to life. They started laying down barrels in 2019. Brush Creek Distillery is located at Brush Creek . Brush Creek Ranch is a working cattle ranch in the North Platte River Valley of south-central Wyoming, originally settled in 1884. Today it encompasses over 30,000 acres of rolling western wonder surrounded by breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre Mountains & Medicine Bow National Forest.

So their own whiskey can have time to mature over the next several years, they have sourced whiskey from across three states and blended those barrels into something delicious. They like to call it straight bourbon whiskeys which is fitting.

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Tasting Notes: Brush Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats:  This is a blend of three different whiskies from Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky. The ages vary between 4-12 years. It has a undisclosed Mash-bills. It is 94 proof and an MSRP of $55.

Appearance: Standard bottle with tulip neck. Copper colored whiskey inside.

Nose: A waft of caramel and stone fruit like peaches. Fresh Belgian waffles with a little candy pecans and anise. There is also a hint of floral in it hidden deep.

Palate: Baking spice with toasted cinnamon peaches. Some nice spice that’s a little drying. Sizzling on the mid palate. The freshness of spearmint with toasted cashews.

Finish: Medium with a nice T/IN/K hug.

Overall: We call this a great session whiskey. One that you could sit down after a American wagyu steak dinner and enjoy the sunsets of the wild West . Not only taking in the beauty of Wyoming but the whiskey itself. It’s a buy for both of us. Make sure you checkout everything Brush Creek has to offer.