For the past couple of weeks our attention has been focused in and around Castle & Key Distillery. It’s understandable with the release of their batch one bourbon this past week, as well as them being right down the road from us. This historical distillery is something that will simply amaze you and we have been patently waiting for them to come of age. They have taken care to preserve the grounds with its old world charm and bourbon history. Working in and around the past certainly has its challenges like the bottling line building collapsing or even putting a gift shop in the old boiler room. The attention to detail is stunning.

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Just strolling through the grounds will give you a sense of what Colonel E.H. Taylor was thinking. All world class destination in the small Kentucky town of Millville. Sunken gardens, botanical gardens, water flowing over the dam of Glen’s Creek and a cocktail bar with amazing drinks with spirits made right on sight. Can this place get any better? Well if they have it their way the folks from Castle and Key will surely try. They are wholeheartedly focused on hospitality and it shows from the time you show up. Bringing this distillery back to life had to be a labor of love. The parking lot is massive, but is not out of the way like some distilleries. As you take the short walk to the distillery gaze at the top of the castle and you will see them flying Old Glory with the POW/MIA flag right below it.

Now that’s a welcome sight. Honoring those veterans that scarified all and those that had to endure much to protect our freedoms and way of life is not lost on us nor the team at Castle and Key. Brett Conners even explained that they go out of their way to hire Veterans for their work ethic and loyalty. As you cross the road and walk into the gate there is always someone from the staff to help guide you. Either to your tour, the bar or the gift shop. Its simple acts like this that will make you want to stay, sit out by springhouse and enjoy a drink or walk the trails. Browse the gift shop and purchase something to take home. This place is a must for any pilgrimage to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. For us it’s the most beautiful distillery in Kentucky.

Make sure to book your tours for Castle and Key here and let them know The Bourbon Road Podcast sent you. After your tour head on over to The Stave for lunch or dinner and we would recommend reservations. The Kentucky-style cuisine will have have you saying bless your heart in no time. After your visit to the Stave and just a short drive through some of the most beautiful horse farms you will ever see is something you can’t leave Kentucky without. Rebecca Ruth Candies is a must with their Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Ball Chocolate Candy. Trust us when we say that they are something that are hard to say no to.

Well, until your visit to Kentucky make sure to give our latest podcast episode a listen. Grab that glass, a bottle of their whiskey if you can find it and listen as Jim and I take another trip down The Bourbon Road with Brett Conners the Whiskey Wizard. This episode is packed with history and some future releases to come from C&K.


Mike (Big Chief)