Was the bourbon worth the wait from the Castle & Key release?

Released this past Saturday, it seemed to be a hit with almost everyone. We got a bottle earlier than most and gave it a review. Let’s find out if Castle & Key made the right decision with this bourbon release .

Tasting Notes:  Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon (Batch 1)

Vital Stats:  This four year Kentucky Straight Bourbon has a mashbill is 73% white corn 10% rye and 17% malted barley. Batch 1 that is 80 barrels is 98 proof and has an MSRP of $50.

Appearance:  A stunning bottle with dark golden honey whiskey inside.

Nose: Light fruit, raisins, honey and some tea. A little sweet tarts candy and some frosted flakes .

Palate: A pop rocks sizzle that is light and airy on the front. Some stone fruit and persimmon that adds some tartness. The baking spices are very pleasant adding just the right amount of tingle.

Finish: Medium with a beautiful Kentucky hug.

Overall: It was worth the wait. Its nice to see mash-bills like this one. It shows that not every bottle of whiskey should taste the same. It’s a buy all day long for both of us and we can’t wait for Batch #2.