This week we have Chris Thomas from Made South as a guest as we continue our still house sessions from Leiper’s Fork Distillery. If you haven’t heard of his podcast Made South (Southerner) give it a listen. We guarantee you will be entertained. But what is special about Chris besides his passion for bourbon is his love of America and everything made in it, especially the south. He has made a business out of talking and selling those items that he loves. It came to mind that there is no better time to buy these items from across the south then right now. With a backup in our ports from overseas, this is your chance to support guys like Chris. Support the farmer, the artist and the craftsman. Buy a gift that not only will surely make whoever you’re giving it to has a smile but also will help out a another person trying to make their dream happen. Be sure to listen in by using the player below as we enjoy the 2021 Birthday Bourbon.

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One of the places you can look for these items made in America is Chris’s 2021 MADE SOUTH Holiday Market  featuring more than 60 makers from around the South. Do all of your holiday shopping in one fun location and feel good about SHOPPING SMALL and SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS! A portion of proceeds from this year’s event will benefit One Generation Away. One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers. Now if that’s not a win win then I don’t know what is.

Now if you can’t make it to Chris’s Made South Holiday Market, there are plenty across the country just like it. Check your local convention center schedules and see if they have something scheduled. You won’t regret what you buy. With that in mind make sure you visit craft distillers across America and try to buy local. Most of the distilleries like rely on tourism and gift shop sales to make a living. Buy their craft spirits and other items to give as gifts to your favorite whiskey drinker or heck buy something for yourself.

With all that Jim and I would announce our two new sponsors who are makers themselves. Cruise Custom Flags who turns bourbon barrels into beautiful American Flags that are genuine art. Chris Cruise a veteran was a guest of ours on episode 148. Seldom Seen Farms is a maple farm in Northeast Ohio. Kevin Holy has been aging his maple syrup in bourbon barrels and I can personally say its delicious. Check out these two fine craftsmen’s websites.

With that grab that glass, a bottle of bourbon and start writing that Christmas List as Jim and I travel down The Bourbon Road with Chris Thomas from Made South. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)